Tai Chi, Chi Kung & Push Hands Classes

Tai Chi Classes

You have probably seen people practicing this art in the parks on Saturday morning. The slow, controlled and flowing movement sets them apart from the others.

Perhaps, what you didn’t know is that Tai Chi is also an amazing martial art as well as a way of well-being and health. It teaches you to move with chi instead of tension and to be mindful and relaxed.

Some of the philosophies associated with it are: “Sink your mind to the Dantien”, “Move from your center”, and “Be willowy like a tree branch in the wind.”

Tai Chi is wonderful for anyone of any age looking for better body awareness, understanding of power or just well-being in general.

It’s also used frequently to help with any injuries and/or unwanted conditions of the body, such as arthritis, osteoporosis, joint problems, etc. Tai Chi can be a perfect addition to your kung fu or it can be used on its own to achieve peace of mind, inner strength, body awareness and flow of chi.

Chi Kung Classes

Ch’i Kung is a Chinese meditation that incorporates breathing and movement to improve one’s health and vitality. It teaches you patience, slowness and true power from the inside. It can also be used for healing as well. This meditation has been around countless generations in China and is now being practiced all over the world. We teach many full body chi kung exercises in the tai chi class along with the tai chi form.

Push Hands Classes

Our “Chi Sau” or Push Hands class is designed to help you listen, follow and feel your opponent. So many times when faced with an altercation, we become stiff and stuck in our own mind and defense. This makes our body tense and takes away from the signals that the opponent is sending us. In order to effectively deliver true self-defense, you need to learn how to read your opponent. This takes focus, stillness of mind and loss of ego.

In push hands, you work with your partner’s energy in close combat situations. This is the hub of our system. It brings all of our training together and makes it practical for real-life situations. It’s a class not to be missed and is included with ALL memberships of the school.