About Mindful Healing

What you are currently experiencing is not nearly as important as how you feel about it. After all, you can’t control your circumstance, it is what it is. You can either accept it or resist it. But you can control how you feel about it and that is where your true power lies.

You are more powerful than you think. And the suffering that you are currently going through is not as permanent as it seems, and healing is closer than it looks.

Here at Mindful Healing, I will guide you to your true self by helping you to focus on your emotions and feelings and how they pertain to the health of your body and the perception of your world.

My goal is to steer you to become the deliberate creator that you were born to be by helping you understand your energetics and the universal laws that can transform any chronic condition from suffering to healing.

Some of the conditions that can be treated:

– Chronic joint pain
– Back & Hip problems
– Skin conditions
– Anxiety and & panic attacks
– Depression
– Fear
– Stomach or Intestinal discomfort
– Knee & hip replacement
– Pre or post-cancer
– Self image and weight issues