Learn authentic Kung Fu and Tai Chi Chuan in Santa Clarita

Our Martial Arts Classes

Kids Kung Fu

In today’s world of chaos and bullies it’s more important than ever that children and teens have the skills to defend themselves if necessary. The body is a very powerful weapon when used correctly and responsibly. Our Kids Kung Fu can help you achieve exactly that.

Adult Kung Fu

In the adult beginning kung fu class, we teach an old Shaolin animal system that has a lineage that dates back thousands of years. Each animal technique incorporates the whole body. Strikes, wraps, kicks, takedowns is just a part of what you will learn in the adult class.

Tai Ch’i/Ch’i Kung

You have probably seen people practicing this art in the parks on Saturday morning. The slow, controlled and flowing movement sets them apart from the others. Perhaps, what you didn’t know is that Tai Chi is also an amazing martial art as well as a way of well-being and health.

Mindful Healing

Here at Mindful Healing, I will guide you to your true self by helping you to focus on your emotions and feelings and how they pertain to the health of your body and the perception of your world.

Why Mindful Kung Fu?

At Mindful Kung Fu we focus on the three aspects of training. We strengthen the body, quiet the mind, and lead from the spirit.


First we train the body.

This includes learning techniques and doing drills that strengthen the legs, torso, core and build cardio. Self discipline, diligence and consistency is the key to a healthy trained body. You learn to align the spine, relax the muscles and lead from your center while pushing from the ground. This allows the maximum amount of power with the least amount of exertion.

We also incorporate “The Law Of Usability.” Train all things slow and not to detailed to gain understanding. Understanding leads to comfort. And anything that is comfortable is usable. Anything that is usable will be practical in your day to day life and helpful with your growth as a person and as a martial artist. Our motto is “Train only to master yourself.”


Next we quiet the mind.

We achieve this by letting go of any tension and excess ego. By learning to focus and find clarity in your training, you sart to let go of the tension and doubt that holds us hostage on a regular basis. This allows the mind and body to come together and work as one unit.

The more clear your mind is the more you will see. The quieter the mind is the more you will hear. And the more still you are, the faster the body will be.


Lead from the Spirit.

When the mind and body start working together power becomes something that you get out of your training, not something you put into it. You build what we call “The dragon body.” Energy starts at your feet, is controlled by the waist and manifested by the hands. When you achieve this, it creates true fa jing (release of power.)

You lead from your spirit with clarity and intension. This is the road to black belt and eventually mastery of the system. It is a worthy journey.